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Keep Your Whites Looking White

A quick read with some helpful tips for keeping your whites look and feel lovely, fresh and clean every time you wear them! 



  • Wash whites after each wear

While some clothing items allow you to wear them 2-3 times before needing a wash, whites do not hold up quite as well. Each time you wear your white clothes, they should be washed. 

Tip #1: Always pre-treat stains 

Tip #2: Use the right amount during each wash cycle

  • Separate colors and fabrics 

White fabric is prone to picking up fluff from darker items, which will make it appear dingy and unclean, so stick to white alone. Also, must keep in mind that the type of fabric will determine the ideal wash cycle; some fabrics can withstand extremely hot water, while others will shrink or become dishevelled. Sort your white laundry according to color, as well as fabric, to avoid discoloration and disrepair.

To make separating your fabrics as simple as possible, refer to the following guidelines: 

• Acetates and acrylics can be washed together 
• Cotton, linen and similar materials can be washed together 
• Wool should be washed separately 
• Delicates should be washed separately (often by hand) 
• Do not skip rinses as detergent carryover will discolour items when drying

  • Wash at high temperature 

This is typically the best option for white garments as higher temperatures are the most effective at removing ingrained dirt. However, wool and similarly delicate fabrics should be washed following the fabric care label instructions.

  •  Avoid the dryer
The extreme heat used in the dryer can cause fabrics to break down and wear through more quickly, which means replacing your favorite white items more often. So, whenever possible, avoid drying your white clothes, instead hang them to dry and if possible dry your whites in the sun. The sun acts as a wonderful bleaching agent.